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100 thoughts on “💔🍰 How to make a Bleeding Heart Cake for Valentine’s Day

  1. I have a hand mixer and one of those kitchen aid big mixers. But when I bake I prefer to mix my hand with a whisk is that weird.

  2. Since Justine you are making a bleeding heart cake I can remember in Taylor Swift Bad Blood music video she had a bleeding cake I was a heart

  3. Just re watching your vids but I thought if ya add a tad of water to the bleeding bit it will taste the same but it may bleed more as it’s more runny but it might not have the light and fluffy texture

  4. When she said one day I will stab my self and it wont be pretty I thought she will say one day I'll know how to bake better

  5. OMG I love you Justine But just a tip if you’re going to make another bleeding make the icing inside the cake Thin and more liquidy so it just bleeds right out

  6. Ijustine: Buys every colour of iPhone XR with no problem [HAPPY]
    Also Ijustine: I treated my self…..to a hand mixer [GENUINELY SO EXCITED]

  7. If you were to recreate this, I would recommend a thinner frosting to put in the cake, maybe glaze, royal icing, or candy melts, but I would definitely use something more liquidy so it bleeds out, other than that, you did a great job

    Why am I typing all this, there’s like a 0.000000000000001% chance you will see it

  8. I wish I could taste some of that delicious strawberry cake and strawberry is my favourite flavour it's just good 🎂🎂🎂🎂

  9. The reason why your cake isn’t bleeding is because the frost is too thick. And next time instead of frosting you should use strawberry glaze.

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