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체기, 배탈 완치훈련 Indigestion and stomach upset CureTraining

Indigestion and stomach upset CureTraining Hello everyone, this is doctor U, Taiwoo Yoo. today’s topic is ‘Indigestion and stomach upset CureTraining’ I’m sure you’ve suffered from indigestion or stomach upset at least once. yeah, you have indigestion and stomach upset symptoms after you eat food so commonly we say, ‘I got indigestion after I ate this food’ or ‘I have a stomach upset after I ate that food’ indigestion and stomach upset are similar but they are totally different. they have different symptoms. indigestion symptom is a digestion problem stomach upset symptom is stomachache or abdominal pain. Also, the time of occurrence is different while indigestion occurs right after you eat food within 1-2 hours, stomach upset occurs a couple hours later within 24 hours. this is the difference what are the causes of indigestion and stomach upset? of course, food is the cause. in fact, food stimulation is the cause. it is when food stimulates intestines with so-called spoiled food or strong-flavored food or overeating. this is the cause that is commonly known to us and there are also hidden causes they are everything you put into the mouth. you may think it is not food though, it includes medicines. medicines can cause indigestion and stomach upset as well everything that you put into your mouth including herbal medicines, health foods nutritional supplements can cause indigestion and stomach upset now, these are stimulation of stomach and intestines which are triggered by everything you put into the mouth. but there is a more important thing it is called the gastrointestinal function. not everybody has the same strointestinal functions. some are sensitive, some have gastrointestinal dysfunction with a digestion problem food is digested in the stomach, duodenum, large intestine, and small intestine and then the rest is discharged. this function can be problematic like this, the combination of food stimulation and gastrointestinal dysfunction causes indigestion and stomach upset by the way, indigestion and stomach upset can be triggered by food stimulation which means food stimulation is the main cause but if indigestion and stomach upset are repeated or continue, in fact, food stimulation is not the real cause. the real cause would be gastrointestinal dysfunction now, we just covered the common causes and we will see how to cure indigestion
one by one. we call indigestion as dyspepsia or acute indigestion, an indication of indigestion you may feel your stomach is full because of the digestion problem. or you may feel pain in the pit of the stomach or you have a difficulty in swallowing and it is followed by symptoms such as burping, nausea, or vomiting. vomiting is a sort of symptom and it can be a remedy you throw up when your stomach is full and then the symptoms are relieved. you may have other symptoms. when the stomach has a problem, blood cells are concentrated then, less blood flows into other parts of the body, making cold hands and feet, turning your face pale, and you may have cold sweat because the automatic nerve is activated in the end, you lose your energy. this is the indigestion symptom. how did we deal with the digestion problem so far? did you take indigestion medicines? did you take Pepto Bismol? or did you treat it with a traditional remedy, by pricking fingers with a red hot needle to bleed black bad blood out the purpose of CureTraining is in solving the causes. let’s check it out. food consumption stimulates stomach. there are also other stimuli thinking about food is also a stimulus. like, when I eat and I may think, ‘I’ll get indigestion if I eat this food’. then the brain commands the stomach not to digest that food. food stimulation may cause indigestion but the brain command may stop the digestion, leading to temporal gastrointestinal dysfunction then you suffer from indigestion symptoms. this is one of the cause. some of you may be worried about it but it doesn’t last for a long time Eventually, the stomach will digest food. it is just a matter of time. gastrointestinal function is just stopped because of temporal stimulation The stomach is just numb but it will be unparalyzed after a while, 1-2 hours or 3-4 hours later. then, how to deal with it? we know the causes as I told you, I admit that indigestion is an uncomfortable symptom. but it is not a serious problem. nevertheless, many people try to cure it quickly when people are in a hurry to solve it, when people worry about not being able to cure it, all these anxieties make a command to the brain again when you try to cure it quickly, it is not cured as you want, rather it gets worse also, it can continue longer or relapse occurs besides, when you think like that way, you won’t be able to endure the small symptoms and you will stamp your feet. as I told you previously, Anyway, it is that you get indigestion just like catching a cold whatever reasons are.
but I’m sure you will recover from it. just take a relax for a couple of hours though you may feel a bit uncomfortable, you’ll cure it definitely. if the symptom is severe, just throw up by sticking your finger down the throat I remember that I throw up to solve indigestion when I was young. like this, throwing up is helpful. so you don’t have to do home remedy it is a matter of time. it is said that there are some foods that are good for indigestion but you don’t have to eat them all because they are already stored in your body if you feel uncomfortable, skip one meal. just let it go and you will get better soon.
also, you shouldn’t remember the food that caused you indigestion because your bad memory will cause the symptoms, it is nothing to do about food.
there is no food to avoid or to eat more. it is just a symptom and forget about it not be picky on food as you used to and only separate regular meal and snacks.
by the way, when indigestion is chronic, you may think the food you ate is the cause but as I told you, if the symptoms are repeated, the cause can be a functional disorder. as for functional disorder, in fact, the causes are the causes because other organs also have a functional disorder. to speak about the mechanism, when you have indigestion because of a certain food at first and you’ll hate that food you may say ‘I don’t want to be sick again because of it’ and you will make a fresh memory, which brings up your anxiety when you eat that food again then, you get indigestion again and you may think the symptom is worse than the first one. this becomes a vicious cycle, creating a dysfunction circuit in the brain this is called gastroenteropathy (gastrointestinal disorder). I’ve uploaded a seminar about gastrointestinal disorder CureTraining on my homepage so, if you have a chronic symptom, watch the video for CureTraining. well, what about stomach upset? it has different symptoms stomach upset symptoms also include indigestion symptoms but mainly you have abdominal pain or stomach ache by diarrhea, enteritis or food poisoning in this case, you may suffer from diarrhea and constitutional symptom; you may have a fever, catch a chill, feel pain all over. people may prick their fingers when they get indigestion but they don’t do it in case of stomach upset. maybe they take indigestion medicines or digestive medicines or traditionally mom’s hands are healing hands when she massages our belly. it can be effective to keep our belly warm. as I told you, the cause is the combination of food stimulation and gastrointestinal dysfunction.
that is, unlike indigestion abdominal pain is caused by stomach cramps cramp is a sort of muscle spasm and it is really painful. The stomach is also muscle
so, stomach cramp is caused by muscle twitch in the stomach. so painful stomach cramp can be caused by intestinal gas. it may cause abdominal fullness making stomach inflated or it makes you burp when having a surgery, even the patient is conscious, it is not painful to cut the stomach but it will be painful if the stomach is inflated because of gas this principle also applies to the most painful disease called gallstone or kidney stone. biliary track cannot contract when gallstone is in the middle of the biliary tract in this case, the biliary tract relatively is inflated and pressured, which causes a lot of pain kidney stone also blocks urethra from contracting and it causes terrible pain so, stomach inflation by gas may cause abdominal pain. also, when food poisoning and enteritis are the cause, you may have diarrhea in addition to other symptoms when you have stomach upset or abdominal pain, it is a very rare case to have a surgery.
you know when you need a survey because it is accompanied with severe symptoms most of the stomach upset is relieved within 1-2 days or 2-3 days at the longest.
even food poisoning and enteritis is cured mostly in 2-3 days so, first of all, it is the most important not to worry about it. second, you shouldn’t
hurry to cure it. the symptoms are gradually relieved but it is not when you rush. worry and anxiety worsen the symptoms and cause the recurrence of the problem.
so, just take it easy and there is no need to avoid some foods you don’t have to remember what food caused stomach upset. there is no need to
eat special food or avoid certain food. as I told you, separate symptoms and foods A regular meal is a regular meal, a snack is a snack. even if you feel uncomfortable, just Have a meal as you used to. it doesn’t matter when you eat less. there is no need to restrict some foods. it is same with diarrhea. just eat something. I can cure it at the end regardless of what I ate. by the way, if you have a chronic stomach upset and it continues, the cause is not the food. gastrointestinal dysfunction would be the cause. as I told you, it is same with the cause of indigestion. in this case, try to do Gastroenteropathy CureTraining or irritable bowel CureTraining you have to practice considerably. indigestion and stomach were caused by
food in the past when we were in a great poverty. at that time food was unclean there was a lot of food problem. so, food stimulation caused indigestion and
stomach upset. these days, we are living in plenty and we are well-off. since food is safe nowadays, it is not a problem. but thought that problematizes
the food is the cause, so-called ‘problematization’, is the real cause problematization causes dysfunction, which leads to indigestion and stomach
upset. it is different from the past the more you blame the food, the more indigestion and stomach upset
I would have. also, I’ll be restricted when I eat and I won’t be able to enjoy food without being particular about whether the food is good or bad, just enjoy any kinds of food, then, you won’t get indigestion and stomach upset Also, you can enjoy the food more The END

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