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hi I’m like the hill you got guy I’m healed myself a hundred percent naturally of Crohn’s disease and we’ve helped many people heal from ulcerative colitis so what is the deal with Kieffer we have Kenny Hannes over here telling us that he cured his colitis was kefir and then we have vegetable beliefs saying that kefir made his colitis much much worse if you’re thinking about using kefir to heal you’re all sort of colitis and you’re not sure or you’re having mixed results you need to watch this video I’m gonna show you what’s going on behind the scenes so you can clear up this mess once and for all and enjoy all sorts of foods and not have to go on these crazy yo-yo diets like veganism in Carnaval we are meant to eat the whole spectrum of foods but you need to understand how your gut works and you need to understand the digestibility aspects of different foods otherwise you’re just going to be chasing your tail towards the end of time like that so police is doing you know my heart goes out to them I’ve been in his shoes where you know I go on a strict meat-based diet and you know the second that I try bread I crap my brains out and you know now I consume raw dairy pasteurized dairy sourdough bread on this is unsound Oh bread that we’re eating right here and we’re very healthy so let’s go over how to get rid of these in food intolerances and how kefir plays in to curing your gut because kefir alone will not cure your gut you have to understand things as a whole we’re using holistic medicine holistic knowledge you can’t yet you have to understand these things so kefir we have helped people heal using kefir and then we’ve also helped people heal who cannot tolerate keep the end there is a very specific reason for this this is someone just recently who has just started our protocol and two days in big changes and she’s been suffering from ulcerative colitis and this could be YouTube so the problem with a lot of diets especially the carnivore diet is it does not address the root cause of the problem it does help your gut rest and kind of then heal and put a little less stress on my gut and get some more nutrients in there but it does not address the root cause and so let’s look at a vegetable police’s timeline right here so he’s been on the standard Canadian diet which I don’t know what that is maybe pancakes and maple syrup his whole life with a side of McDonald’s very similar to standard American diet he was on that for you know probably his whole life he got diagnosed with colitis then he went on a vegan diet for multiple years his you see symptoms got better but they were he was still very sensitive to many foods then he went on the carnivore diet and his symptoms got even better but he was still sensitive to a lot of foods and then just recently he tried kefir for a few weeks and his you see symptoms came back and started pooping blood I try to go back on the carnivore diet and a strict carnivore diet and that didn’t help and now he’s kind of doing like a juicing diet too and is good to get his symptoms back under control once this is what he did with the vegan diet the juicing he did a juicing vegan diet to initially get his colitis under control so in order to understand how to fix all sort of clays you have to understand what it is I know I sound like a broken record for people who’ve watched my my older videos but if you do not understand this you will never get better so listen listen closely colitis is an inflamed colon ulcer is a wound it is that simple it is a kid a garden definition it is that simple do not over complicate this don’t think about your immune system attacking you think about this your colon is inflamed and ulcers are wounds all sort of colitis is an inflamed colon with open wounds that is all it is and now inflammation is your body’s response to injury if you have an open wound on your arm and it’s bleeding and gushing blood and it’s infected you wouldn’t go oh I mean take drugs and all this try this special diet to heal it no don’t bash it against a wall or get into a knife fight whatever caused that wound and pretty much with all these meals were taking we’re getting into a knife fight with our with our foods without with our last meal and it’s and we can’t we don’t we kind of don’t see it because it’s in this you know we can’t see what’s inside of us so we kind of are clueless to what’s causing these wounds in our gut so we are injuring our guts that is how you get colitis you injure your guts now this is a chart that I just made and it really explains I’m gonna have to cut my head off a little bit and it really explains kind of like the timeline you need to heal colitis or any gut disease so let’s use a vegetable fleece for example he is probably somewhere it will right now he’s here to be honest he’s right here his gut is totally broken it looks like this it is a open wound it is bleeding it’s infected this this picture doesn’t have an infection on it but it’s infected so what he needs to focus on is sealing his gut like if you have a wound like this you’re you need to put coconut oil on it or you know you need to put aloe vera and then keep it safe from infection and and try to seal that wound and you know you don’t do this I mean I guess you could do it with superglue or something like that but you need to let your body heal as you can see it as if this womb starts to scab up here this is what’s happening in your gut so we really need to rest the gut the meat stock is a great food to seal to help seal the holes in your gut and there’s also lots of other natural substances you can take that are soothing to the gut you want to sue that you don’t want to overwork it with certain things you know raw milk raw dairy products and fermented products like kefir are a good tool to heal colitis but the problem with these these Theory products and I all guys I love dairy I drink it every single day but the problem is if you are if you have a bad infection and you bring in raw dairy it’s just going to feed that infection and make it worse and you’re gonna be back down here we need to use raw dairy as a recoloring tool and not an infection fighting tool you do not fight infection with raw dairy you are going to lose you fight infection with mother nature’s infection fighting substances which I have outlined but to finish up with this chart the pit at the most acute take a month to seal your gut for most people it’s probably like a week or two you know even a few days for some people a lot of people start somewhere in here and then you know and then it could take like a month to disinfect and read culture your gut depending on how well you practice the protocols and understand the concepts and then in here your your gut starting to risk repair scabs are starting to form or however your gut heals and you know you’re able to tolerate more foods and then over here you’re starting to rebuild the nutritional reserves in your body and starting to thrive again and can you eat you know cheat every once in a while so guys I have had Candida in my house and I have tried to fight Candida with raw milk that straight from the cow we’re all milk that’s been refrigerated yogurt Roy yogurt regular yogurt kefir types of fermented dairy you guys have never even heard of and guess what Candida always wins you need to use raw dairy is great for recoloring the gut but it needs your help you need to fight that infection you need to bomb the battlefield before you send your soldiers in that is very important when it comes to using raw dairy some people can just go on raw dairy and they’re fine because their infections not that bad for me that that was the case I was able to tolerate raw dairy very well but I was on raw dairy for years years and years and years two or three years and I still had a lot of gut dysbiosis and a lot of issues because I never killed the infection but when I understood how to use mother nature’s natural infection fighting substances you know my food and torrent a lot of my food and talks just went out the window and I can enjoy a lot a bigger variety of foods and so the thing with the carnivore diet and ambition police actually followed a good form of the carnivore dine he ate organ meat because a lot of people are stupid and they just eat muscle meats and that is a recipe for disaster because it’s severely nutrient deficient but vegetable police was eating organ meats he was eating liver and stuff like that and he was still experiencing problems meat can be very hard to digest if you don’t understand what you’re doing all right where do we start here so this right here this is a guy who was in a gunshot wound accident and he had like a full-blown in his side and you could see a stomach and the doctor who saved them was William Beaumont and he’s an actor he saved him and brought him back to life he studied digestion but the hole on the side of his stomach and he pretty much determined like what you have to do the food to make it as that instable as possible you know simply not chewing your food if he put a whole piece of steak in his stomach it would just sit in his stomach all day long and not digest at all the his work is amazing and I I’m gonna be talking about it more but let’s talk about how to make a piece of meat more digestible because a lot of carnivores are just storing me on the grill and eating it and it’s very hard on your digestive system so let’s take a cow for example if you go out on the field and like a cow over the head and try to cook it and eat it right then in there it’s going to be very very very tough you’re not even gonna want to eat it so what most beef has gone through in the grocery store is it has hung and its own enzymes for about two to three weeks which makes it become more tender because the enzymes and the meat are breaking down the proteins and making it softer and so you can eat that meat raw which there’s a lot of people saying you know raw means the way to go but science has clearly showed us that you extract more energy from cooked meat may be cooking destroys some nutrients but you have to understand eating meat raw is not easy to digest unless you ferment it or some or tear it or something like that when he put raw when he put raw meat into his stomach it did not digest at all when he put cooked me into a stomach they digested a lot better and so another thing we can also do is do advanced dry aging and this is when you do 20 days 30 days some people do a hundred days you know think about rotting carcasses and the Sun or in the Serengeti or the Safari of Africa you know those are meats that have sat and it’s enzymes for a long time then you can grind the meat this explode makes that this is chemistry 101 guys this exposes surface area greatly it makes it it’s like pre-chewed for you the less chewing you have to do with me the easier it is to be to digest and this salami right here has been pre ground for us bacteria has helped us digest it it’s raw so the ends to help break in and breaking it down some more but you also got to remember that because it becomes very condensed very condensed so if you just like throw this in your mouth and swallow it without chewing which I’m guilty of it’s going to it’s it’s gonna have a hard time digesting you have to chew it up and break it into little pieces of it so your digestive juices can’t get into it and really break it down and another thing you can do to make it even easier to digest is eat a Kiwi a pineapple or papaya with it and these have protein enzymes in it to break down proteins go don’t get a piece of meat and you know throw it in some water with some papaya juice in it or Kiwi Kiwi juice or pineapple juice and watch what happens the meat will literally fall apart and turn into a mush these are the things you need to think about you need to be cooking and preparing your foods for digestibility because if you don’t do this you know think about going to the gym you have this huge gash in your arm and your elbows all messed up and you pick up a 50-pound weight and you try to do bicep curls your just going to re injure your gut you need to pick up the five pounder that five and a half pound pound weight or this is not you or take a break for a month from the gym until your arm heals and we need to be very easy on our digestive system and what I forgot to mention with this chart is you go up the chart by healing and your body heals subconsciously every second there’s chemical reactions happening in your body to up your health like prett in your video game character and you have passive life region what makes what makes your health bar go down some something comes up to you and hit you or you jump off a cliff and you take fall damage boom boom boom this same principle applies to your gut if you feel pain if you poop blood if you know anything bad happens to your gut it is a result of injury and most of these health food diets out there are riddled with horrible advice that injure your gut because they don’t understand the principles of Mother Nature which are really simple and are there everywhere you look once you understand it so what what should vegetable police do next from videos I’ve seen various vegetable police I’ve never seen him fight infection once he kind of talked about viruses and stuff like that in his last video so maybe he’s starting to see the light with that so he first off his gut is broken he needs to rest it and he’s doing a good job with that with vegetable juices you can do that you know rest it seal it meat stock would be great for that and remember meat stocking there’s a difference between meat stock and bone broth meat stock is done with meaty bones for only an hour to where bone broths are done for a longer amount of time and more with bones and so yeah you should focus on sealing his gut with soothing substances then he needs to disinfect Andry culture his gut and I would have him stay away from raw dairy because he’s obviously reacts to it a lot and my prediction is because he has a really bad infection because the sugars and those foods feed the infection and in even simply drinking kefir wrong or drinking kefir cold can hurt your gut when your gut is injured the littlest things can set it off and so you know when they did the raw milk cures they had people sit on their milk if they just go I hurt my gut before with yogurt I’m not a big key for fan I like yogurt better just taste wise but I have heard my gut before because I put my yogurt in a quart jar and I would just like slam back two cups at a time and it just like slams down in your stomach and causes all sorts of budget and your stomach just freaks out and William Beaumont watch this happen and this guy he’s got if he ate too fast his stomach would freak out but if you ain’t nice and slow his stomach was everything was great cold foods the same thing so yeah guys if you’re having issues with ulcerative colitis and you’ve tried natural remedies and you’re tired of being on the cardboard diet you want to enjoy bread again you need to go to our channel homepage and watch our must watch videos playlist this is a collection of our best videos which will help you understand the principles healing your gut so you can get your life back and start eating delicious foods again and you stop pooping blood and you know with my kitchen I’ve been there guys and it sucks

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