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반려동물에게 독이되는 이물질 구토시키는방법 #과산화수소

Hi! Information that animal majors say! It’s a bag and youtuber. Today’s video is a puppy or cat When you eat chocolate or something unhealthy If it’s wrong, you can die or it can be serious. In that case, I will tell you how to take first aid. Then watch the end of the video Don’t forget to subscribe and like notifications! It’s one of the ways that many people don’t know There is a way to vomit using hydrogen peroxide! One of the most common first aid methods But you think it’s a chemical There are people who can’t feed easily. Hydrogen peroxide is safer than vomiting If you are familiar with the precautions, Anyone can get over an emergency! Whether you are growing outdoors or indoors If you are wrong and careless Do not eat things or food I swallow it in no time. Why are you eating this? To the point I want to ask! Of course the first time I ate these The best recommendation is to go to the vet How to take it! When things don’t i speak As I keep my cautions Is there a way to limit the use of hydrogen peroxide If so, please note the first! Only if you know for certain what the pet has swallowed Use it! Toy or plum seed sharp material If swallowed chemicals Can be fatal to your pet! When these sharp objects vomit I went wrong and scratched the esophagus Things can get worse, so be careful You should try it when you have a second pet’s consciousness. If you become unconscious or vomiting Because prayer is blocked Sometimes choking! So in a conscious situation, hydrogen peroxide I think you should use it! After consultation with the third veterinarian You’d better try! Pet age, disease history, weight, and types of swallowed items Tell your veterinarian what your symptoms are Is it possible to use nausea with hydrogen peroxide? You can ask me about it! Not many hospitals open at dawn or late In a 24-hour hospital I can talk enough on the phone You should be fully aware of that! fourth ! Use only within 3-4 hours after swallowing After three to four hours have passed, Where are you going to hang it? Rather, the stomach is hurt by hydrogen peroxide Things can get harder! I’ve talked about these four cautions. What should I use when swallowing? Chocolate can be poisonous for pets! Grapes, onions, xylitol, raisins, medicinal It’s good to use hydrogen peroxide when you eat When vomiting follows the esophagus You can use it when you eat food that doesn’t hurt Then buy no hydrogen peroxide Can I use it? You may wonder Rather, it can be bad to be too harsh For disinfection, which is readily available at pharmacies, Please use 3% hydrogen peroxide Most containers say 3%. What should you do? Hydrogen peroxide and water ratio 1: 1 ratio or 1: 2 ratio After diluting You can inject it using a princess needle without a needle. At this time, the head of the pet about 45 Turn it on and infuse it with molar teeth The amount to be administered is 1.1ml per 1kg Please put it in! If you put it in, it will take about 10 to 20 minutes If you hold your breath, you often see your tongue sticking out. This is a sign of vomiting! Look carefully and after vomiting Don’t let your pets eat vomit again Please check what foreign object came out! If there is no foreign substance, do it again If you have no signs of vomiting after 10 minutes of watching You can take me to a veterinary hospital right away You’d better take it soon! After vomiting, there is a lot of water Dehydration can come! Do not feed food immediately Lukewarm water, ionic drinks, sugar After paying and watching You’d better test it at a veterinary clinic. Hydrogen peroxide is used a lot to wipe blood You should have one at home The pharmacy sells princess fryer without needles. You can have them together! In an emergency for pets today Learned about hydrogen peroxide that causes vomiting. Don’t forget to subscribe and like notifications!

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