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Your fever is 39 ° 5 Give you an injection Needle must be shot But I want to ask how much is the medicine 30 That needle and tube Needle and tube for 1 dollar That means a total of 30 Seems to be a bit expensive can it be cheaper Injections can be cheap I think about it I think about it and call you Feed brother Three missing one I can’t fight now Just arrived at the hospital There are two more pills Forget it Look at you Aren’t you from our village I’m here to visit relatives Oh who’s playing Cheap home Cheap family Hey we have a custom Is the owner Shout guests playing cards If this guest refuses This master wo n’t call him anymore There is such a thing Um won’t deal with you in the future then what do I do You have a cold You touch me Why are you so hot? Much worse than me I have a high fever You see I did n’t get an injection You little question You are like this You must not sin You go play cards first It’s the same when you get a serious injection at night Yes nurse Don’t call me to help you unplug the same I’m sorry to trouble you Hold Oh good guy I go first He’s so skillful thank you This is still not counter-offering A dollar Pin money, pipe, money You are the strangest patient I have ever seen since work I’m fine already I hate him for being dirty If I don’t dislike it I just use his needle and tube Slow down Slow down and save Dear you are cold a little cold Dear is it still cold now Oh my god Such a stupid person can find a girlfriend who are you I am her husband I’m doing a demonstration with the guy next door I think you’re natural Take away Who said that the hemorrhoids had gone anti-inflammatory I Come in

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  1. 这个情况下还在拍视频,对我这个一直关注你们视频的观众有点觉得你们真是不怕死,想出名想疯了吧。。。前几天看了你们的宣传片还觉得你们挺靠谱的,赶紧的停播吧,别搞事了,你们还不嫌是多吗???

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