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【山藥村二牛】100元買4斤毛肚,小伙做一鍋毛肚火鍋解饞,香辣鮮脆,吃著真過癮!【hot pot】

hello , this is Erniu I passed by the cattle abattoir and bought this the fresh tripe I am going to make the hot pot with it I asked the butcher how to deal with it he said I should soak it in the alkaline water so it will be more crunchy and I looked up on the Internet 0.5kg alkaline for 2 kg tripe then this is the alkaline but Shanyao told me it was 0.5 kg alkaline water for 2kg tripe it is the alkaline water let’s get started marinade it first the butcher has washed it add the dietary alkaline add water it should be ok rub it so it will be more crunchy then soak it in the alkaline water for 3 hours leave it at the same time , prepare the vegetable and fry the spices cut the vegetable slice the potato and cut the cordate houttuynia slice the lotus root I prefer the leaf lettuce when eating the hot pot cut a cross on the shii-take the shii-take is necessary for the hot pot cut this it’s for making the dressing cut the cordate houttuynia we call it zheergen I went to Shanyao’s home . he was not at home . so I borrowed the condensed troth for the hot pot add it to the wok add the shii-take it takes longer time to cook it now make the dressing add the cordate houttuynia be generous with it then add the chopped garlic and ginger be generous with the garlic the small red chili, coriander and spring onion a splash of light soy sauce sesame oil chili sauce finish with the vinegar now it’s time to cook the tripe hang it here tear it off then cook it it’s very convenient the tripe gets cooked easily . dip it in the troth for a few seconds and you can enjoy it it’s cooked let me try it it’s kind of overcooked but the texture is good it’s good this piece is big . try it delicious it’s great very crunchy don’t cook it for a long time this is huge don’t cook it for a long time or it will be overcooked cook it for a short time .very crunchy delicious have one more piece cook the sliced potato and the lotus root eat the tripe first

57 thoughts on “【山藥村二牛】100元買4斤毛肚,小伙做一鍋毛肚火鍋解饞,香辣鮮脆,吃著真過癮!【hot pot】

  1. I really like and watch your videos. I learn a lot from you, wish you and everyone happy, happy and successful. love you guys !

  2. Где субтитры козлина ? В край охренел уже! Ничего не понятно , Толи желудок, толи вымя старой коровы .

  3. 二牛, ты можешь видео раз в неделю выкладывать. С такими темпами ты уже килограмм 30 за год набрал))

  4. Se ve delicioso, en mi pais esa carne se llama librillo o cayo. Seria bueno que pusieran los ingredientes hay verduras o tuberculos que no conozco.

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  6. Wow. Looks great. My wife and I had beef stomach hot pot (plus some lamb and seafood) about a week ago. We had it at a restaurant and while it was very good, your homemade hot pot looks even better.

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