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❤️How to get Lower Back Pain Relief (Fast) ⭐3 Simple Steps ⭐ 2017

There is a new postnatal back pain solution that’s pretty huge right now and when you take advantage of it you can find yourself getting rid of postpartum back pain in no time and if you ignore it well let’s just say you’re missing out and the solution of lower back pain after giving birth I am Koosje Kosters the founder of post natal back pain solutions the place where moms turn for lower back pain relief and in this video I’ll reveal to you what these new post natal back pain solutions are and three practical ways so you can take advantage of it will also show you the results of a real-life case study that might surprise you so keep watching KEEP WATCHING! so what’s going on here why do people get post natal back pain there’s a few things there’s too much stretching going on in the ligament laxity and after giving birth so it’s really important to make sure that everything is really straightly aligned so here’s where things get weird you know people still sit with their legs crossed and that’s obviously not really going to help their lower back just make sure that doing all the small things sorry getting cramp in my foot aagh – and I’m back for now I’ll show you three practical ways to stop your postnatal back pain so avoid sitting with your legs crossed make sure you drink plenty of water, with water it creates more space between the joints so there’s less friction of the joints, the more hydrated you are the bigger the disc and there’s less less discomfort – make sure you move continuously and that doesn’t mean go to the gym seven times a week when you are sitting down we get a bit tired when you’re pregnant so make sure you go forward – backward sideways – the other side.. basically all six ways that the back can make movements – why? Well because it needs that, you know, it needs to increase the muscle tone in the intrinsic muscles when we’re sitting down our intrinsic muscles gets switched off unless we’re moving – even when you’re breastfeeding trying to move when instead of being static in one position Which is something that make me almost fall out of my seat there’s just making sure that you keep your shoulders back! it’s so hard, it’s so difficult when you’re when you have that ligament laxity and you’re ready going forward also there’s you know more breast tissue more milk pulling you forward even more this fact where you if you have your head forward the weight of the head increases significantly so instead of just having five bags of sugar attached to your head pulling you have doubled that so which is which is insane so biomechanically when you’re sitting down and you’re looking down the weight of your head increases almost a three-fold that’s yeah that’s that’s not very helpful so in a minute I’ll show you more ways of how to get rid of postpartum back pain but first let me just tell you a quick case study from she had pain for years and years and she thought nobody could help her because she’s been to physiotherapists in the hospital and they gave her exercises that she couldn’t do because she was in too much pain and she couldn’t do, she couldn’t lift her baby I think you can imagine how difficult that is after treating with me we’ve had about six sessions and she was just strong enough to go back to a gym which she was very much into and without any pain so that was fantastic for me do too much and you’re trying to find comfortable positions so leaning on one side can seem to make it easier but actually that leaning on that side is actually making it worse because you’re you’re loading the back joint only in one direction so you need the be standing straight with equal weight on both sides and check this out if you clench your glutes nobody is noticing it, you can do it in the train, you can just, you know, in the supermarket, walk around clenching your gluteus it gives you a great bum! yeah that’s incredible how that really aligns your back, it’s exactly what you need alignment and strengthening it up stopping it from getting worse let me ask you, how many seconds are there in a day? More than 80,000 so two seconds of stretching stretch.. so the question here is how many seconds are you going to stretch, let me know in the comments below so, bottom line stretching, make sure you sleep with a pillow b/w knees, it’s insane, how many people have a pillow between their knees when they’re pregnant, because it’s comfortable and as soon as the baby’s born they go oh.. finally, I can sleep on my front again which is the worst thing, do not don’t sleep on your front, please don’t make sure, you have a pillow between your knees, when you are sleeping just to get that alignment again alignment of the back, that’s really important, I think you’ll agree with me when I say that it’s really hard to lift the baby when your in back pain, well, is it? It turns out that you can dramatically strengthen up your back by just a simple exercise, going backwards, forwards side, side. The best part, you can do this throughout the day without anyone noticing, keep your shoulders back, sitting with your legs straight avoid crossing your legs, drink lots of water, move your back just basically dance! the whole day, just go go around, salsa dancing, put some music on, wearing a shoulder brace can help, just to support that posture, they have them in Boots online make sure you’re never sitting still have a walk outside even if it’s only for five minutes, I know how difficult that can be to get baby outside, but it’s worth it! make sure when you’re sitting, that you’re swaying walking on the platform, backwards and forwards when you’re waiting for a train if you’re a mom going back to work, just don’t sit still SI joint belt can help keeping the back strong, keeping the back aligned stop aggravating it, stop doing things that hurt there’s load loads more, that will be for another video thank you very much for listening I’m Koosje Kosters the founder of Post Natal Back Solutions the place where moms turn low back pain relief, please leave some comments below a particular thing is you’ll be interested in

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