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वैद्य हरीश पाटणकर प्रशंसापत्र

A lot of people come to us, large bundles of files, and they say, “Please take a look, we have visited many places but not been diagnosed.” And Ayurvedic Nadi Pariksha has diagnosed their ailment. So is this not
a super super speciality science? If you go somewhere, and get a sonography done, and if the sonologist only tells you,
“Yes, it is so-and-so now you go” and they do not give a report in any format, that what has sonography revealed to them, you will not be 100% satisfied, because they have only verbally informed what all has been seen. In the same way, if you only do a Nadi Pariksha, but don’t give in writing, what was observed in it, then it will not hold much importance. And Nadi Tarangini is such a tool, that we can conduct Nadi Pariksha, preserve the results, and give a printout to the patient. Nadi Tarangini is a device, what it is doing, is our memory is not so sharp, if I did a Nadi Pariksha on a patient last year, then how was it? So this is a very good tool. Each of your sensations is stored in a graphical form. Each Vaidya can see the typical Nadi pattern and the pattern of the Nadi of their patients and compare the two. For 45 to 50 days we did some research on it and found, today the device is at such a level, that if we can see 10 points in the clinic through manual Nadi Pariksha, and then the same 10 points via the Nadi Pariksha device, via Nadi Tarangini, then we see an 80% accuracy. For 8-10 years Aniruddha Joshi sir has been working on this, and I have given some inputs, many Vaidyas’ inputs have also
been taken by Aniruddha sir, and everyone felt comfortable, everyone is able to handle it properly and easily. It is one of the handy and best tools, which we can take anywhere, do a Nadi Parikshan with it anywhere. It is a very customized software. If I am seeing a different set of 10 things in my clinic, then I only have to edit and add it. Those things will be seen from then. It is not necessary that whatever is given, we have to follow only that. We can do our own customization and on that basis it will rotate. Students were always told that only after seeing thousands of Nadis will you learn about Nadi. Today my staff is learning to do Nadi Parikshan with the device. After 10 minutes of training with the device, they are able to do Nadi Parikshan. Slowly we learn it so it became very easy. And patients also found it easy. My students also do it in 5 minutes. I do not even need to pay attention to them. If I show it to my student, in 5 minutes they do a Nadi Parikshan and bring it. If we are going out-of-station, leaving our clinic, Nadi Tarangini is a great tool that can be used even if I am absent. Visit www.naditarangini.com to
see a demo or attend a conference.

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