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Тайна спящего казахского села! The Great Mystery of falling asleep Kazakh village!

More than two years residents of only the one village massively sleep for several days, and no one can understand why. Until January 40 villagers Kalachi asleep in broad daylight. Chief physician of the hospital Cabrashit Almagametov: “Typical Clinic, as well as in other cases: lethargy, drowsiness, double vision, disturbance of moving.” The fact that local doctors explained as typical pattern but for scientists – unexplained anomaly, an enigma! To solve the mystery of the sleeping village try and outside of Kazakhstan. It`s too unusual story but not unique in the world. A journalist asks a sleepy woman: “Have you ever received? Yesterday?” A resident of the village Natalia Zhavaronkova answers: “It is said to me that yesterday but it seems to me – today.” To recall all facts Natalia Zhavaronkova not even trying. In deep sleep she fell straight while fishing. For the second time in three months. And such as it is – an entire village. Russia’s chief doctor of the Sleep Medicine Center Natalia Belinskaya: “It can randomly fall and fall asleep anywhere, in any position of the body. It can be a minute, it can be 30 minutes or more.” Therefore, experts have put forward a different version. Somnology expert Michael Polouektov: “The most unusual in this story, of course, is that they after sleeping does not unhealthy. Medicine knows a little of these states, so it begs the question, is not this a manifestation of any form of mass trance, mass hysteria, if may say so. ” The reason of mental disorder, according to the doctors, it may be depression feel constantly villagers. Earlier in this village Kalachi mined uranium. Now all the mines closed, there is no work, people leave this place. It is in these closed uranium mines need to search answers, says Russian Professor Leonid Rikhvanov from Tomsk. According to him after the flooding of mines on the surface began to climb the decay product of uranium – gas radon. Professor of the Department of Environmental Geoscience and geochemistry of Tomsk Polytechnic University Leonid Rikhvanov: “The gas that induce toxic effect will drive a person in this dream state, and the person falls asleep. Relatives of radon from the chemical table of Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev – xenon, krypton, argon and others – – were known in medicine for pain relief during surgeries.” Conventional methods of measurement of radiation to determine the status of radon in the air is extremely difficult, said the scientist. Therefore, previous studies have shown nothing. Without waiting for the mystery disease will be revealed, Kazakh authorities intend to completely resettle the village elsewhere.

10 thoughts on “Тайна спящего казахского села! The Great Mystery of falling asleep Kazakh village!

  1. Опухоль нервных волокон, как результата воздействия повышенной радиации от компьютеров и телефонов во время загрузки звонков или программ.
    Эту опухоль диагностировать очень трудно.

  2. its becoz of zero megnatic field …this effect on our nerves system ///// sub conscious mind hypnotise automatical .;….. its called become zero brain ….brain without thinking and ppl sleep …..its a spiritual system …i have all answers hmm you can say god partical energy is very high at this place ////

  3. власти казахстана)))))громко сказанно, чмошники казахстана, да им ваще похуй на все, главное карманы поплотнее свои набить, а уж потом послеурановые последствия

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