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Σταμάτησε Να Προσεύχεται Και ΔΕΙΤΕ ΤΙ ΤΗΣ ΣΥΝΕΒΗ!!!

Emmanuel! (God with us – Matthew 1:23) My name is Eleftheria Naidou, I come from Naousa and I’m 54 years old. We are ready to hear your wonderful testimony. Lately, I was facing some problems with my family, with my job and I had lost control of the situation. I was constantly sad, sorrowful and I wasn’t praying enough. As a result, last Tuesday, my husband and I got up in the morning to go to work and returned home at 9:30 am. We would have a cup of coffee and then each would go to their own job. My husband started making the coffee and I went to the bathroom. There was absolutely nothing wrong with me! Once I entered the bathroom, in a matter of seconds, I felt numbness on one side of my brain, my mouth and my tongue started twisting. The numbness expanded to my right arm and leg. I was going numb. That moment, my brain was alerted that I’m having a stroke. I didn’t know what to do! My tongue and mouth were twisted. I couldn’t open the door to get out and alert my husband! The only thing I could say at that moment was, “Jesus, Your blood!”. I was trying to control the situation and open the door but I couldn’t! I was shouting for my husband but the only thing coming out was a grunt, even though I was talking. I don’t know how it happened but I opened the door and my husband was in the kitchen. I fell on the table and told him, “Kostas, stroke!”. He was looking at me and wondering why I was acting like this. I was telling him, “Kostas…” He couldn’t understand me! He couldn’t understand what was happening! What happened to your arm and your leg? My arm and leg were out of control! You couldn’t move them? I wasn’t in control. I lost control by the time I entered the bathroom. Until I reach the kitchen where my husband was, it took me two to five minutes. This situation I mean. That is how long it lasted. After that, my husband was looking at me with a blank stare. He was holding me so I don’t fall and then he understood that what was happening wasn’t a joke. I was moaning so loud that my son who was sleeping in a bedroom got scared. He came and asked his father, “Dad, what is going on?”. His father said to him, “Something is wrong with your mother, she might be having a stroke!”. They both held and carried me up because I wasn’t able to control myself. They laid me down on the couch and I was shouting at him at that moment but he couldn’t understand me, “Call the man of God! The man of God!”. You were speaking like this because your mouth was twisted? Yes! I thought my husband understood but he didn’t. But right after, his mind was alerted and he told me, “Take deep breaths! God is with us. I will call the man of God. Take deep breaths!”. My husband called the man of God and he picked up immediately. Meanwhile, you were having a stroke? Yes. I was lost. I was numb! My tongue and mouth were twisted, my arm and leg had gone numb. My husband called the man of God and he picked up immediately. My husband told him, “Man of God, something is wrong with Eleftheria, she might be having a stroke!”. The man of God said to him, “Put the phone on her ear”. The man of God started to pray and as he was doing so, I began to come back to my senses! As the man of God was praying and saying, “Out, in the name of Jesus Christ!”, my head and tongue started to recover from the numbness. I started to have control over my arm and my leg. That moment, I felt in my heart that there is a battle between good and evil. And within a few minutes, God won me over. Glory be to God! Truly, a thousand thanks are not enough to say, “Thank you, Jesus Christ, for what you have done in my life!”. Amen? During that moment what happened with your arm and your leg that had gone numb, your tongue that was twisted? First, my head started to recover! It started to recover from numbness. My tongue, my arm and my leg started to recover too, gradually. I came back to my senses and the fogginess in my mind disappeared. The first thing I said that made sense while the man of God was praying was, “Amen!”. Then, the man of God told me, “Calm down, your situation is in God’s hands. Calm down and go to the hospital to run some tests”. After we hung up the phone, my husband asked me how I was feeling I said, “I am very well!”. I felt like it was over now, that I was healed, that I was all right. He said, “Let me help you stand up”. I told him, “No, I will get up myself”. Even though earlier, my son and husband laid me down on the couch. I stood up by myself; my husband supported me just a little. I was just feeling a little weak and numbness under my eye and here on my cheek. That is what I was feeling. They helped and supported me a little but I got downstairs normally on my feet. We entered the car to head to the hospital. Without putting me in a wheelchair, I walked by myself to the emergency services. My husband knocked on the door and spoke to the doctor, telling him, “My wife is 54 years old and she most likely had a stroke”. While the hospital was packed with people, the doctor opened the door and said to bring me inside immediately! There was another emergency meanwhile. They laid me on the bed and started to do some tests. I had a cardiogram, a serum in order to get medicine. They measured my blood pressure and body temperature but this feeling I had, that I’m well, started to intensify. I was indeed getting better and better. The doctor asked me how I was feeling. I told him, “Very well!”. He asked me what happened at home. After I explained, he asked me if I was feeling well. I said to him, “Doctor, I feel very well! God saved me!”. The doctor replied, “What can I say… Let me see you tighten your fist”. At this point, we would like to hear from your husband, who experienced this whole situation. Let us hear his side of the story. Please, introduce yourself, tell us your name and where do you come from. Emmanuel! (God with us – Matthew 1:23) My name Kostas Hatzigeorgiou and next to me is my wife. Truly, that moment was something that I wasn’t able to grasp, I couldn’t understand what was happening or what was happening to her. It was an occurrence that happened to me for the first time ever of course and when I saw that she couldn’t move, then I understood that it’s something serious. In anguish, I carried her with my son and we laid her down. We heard your wife say that she was pleading you to call the man of God! Up until that moment, how was your wife? Was she able to move freely? To have control of herself? No. She was in a difficult place. Because I couldn’t understand the way she was talking. She could barely speak and I couldn’t understand. I did hear, however, that she was asking to call for prayer. The phone was next to me so I called. The man of God answered immediately! He prayed for her, by the grace of God. After that, things started to change totally! Let us hear from our sister, as she continues to narrate this event that unexpectedly came into her life! But Jesus Christ was Present! Amen? Please, continue. They gave me first aid, took me to a One Day Clinic and gave me a bed. I was getting better and better. As the minutes were passing by, my joy was growing and I had such excitement! Meanwhile, once my children found out, they ran to the hospital. My daughter, once she opened the door and found out that I had a stroke, entered the room and she didn’t know what to expect. She fell into my arms and started to cry. I asked her, “Why are you crying? Can’t you see? I’m fine! God has healed me! I’m strong! Don’t cry! Be thankful, you should be crying with joy! I’m not dead, I’m alive and healed!”. Instead of my family strengthening me, I was strengthening them. The results came out and the doctor said, “What can I say, all the results are good. You just need to be checked by a neurologist because you are still young. What can I say…”. Meanwhile, he was seeing that I was comforting my daughter and son and I was telling them not to cry because I am well, I am healed. The doctor said, “I see that the lady seems kind of confused! She’s too excited, you should give her sedatives so she calms down!”. I was very calm. The doctor was dropping by to check on me all the time. I didn’t take the pill. My husband said I should take one. But I told him, “What are you saying?”. He said, “Take half of it!”. I compromised. At about 15:00 the neurologist came and he examined me. He told me to squeeze his hand with my right hand. I did so and my hand was strong. He checks my other hand and it was strong as well. He also checked my leg. My leg was strong. He told me to close my eyes and stretch my arms forward. I was stable! He asked me if I was able to get out of bed. I almost jumped out of it! So he told me, “Take it easy, you went through a stroke!”. I stood up, because you have to put your feet together and stretch your arms forward with closed eyes, I did everything with stability. The doctor said, “What can I say… This woman is very well! But let us run a C.T. scan”. God opened the way and the same day, we leave for Veria at 18:00 for the C.T. scan. They drove me there in the ambulance, my husband was accompanying me, I did the C.T. scan and then we came back. We took the CD. We informed the neurologist, he saw it and said, “What can I say… There is nothing wrong. This woman is very well. I don’t have anything to say. Let’s just keep her in for two days to run some more tests”. I said, “Of course, I will stay. Let me rest a little bit”. I was laughing. I went to the clinic but because I used to work in this hospital for four years, many people knew me. The news that I had a stroke spread. The head nurse of the clinic who already knew me, visited me and asked me what happened. I told her that I had a stroke. But she pointed out that I had rosy cheeks! I said, “They are because God has healed me!”. She said, “With that smile, you surely don’t look like you had a stroke”. I replied, “It is all over. I’m fine. God had mercy on me”. She said, “Well done!”. Afterwards, doctors started to examine me every day. And every day, the results were good. People of God, no matter how bad your situation is, with God’s help, your situation can change! Have a look of faith at the Cross where Jesus defeated death so you can have life! Amen! He defeated sickness so you can have good health! He defeated poverty so you can have blessing! He defeated failure so you can have success! Clap for Him! This is happening before our eyes. Amen! This testimony proves that Jesus Christ is among us and He is Alive! Amen! So, you said that all the results were good. The doctors were wondering. What happened next? Next, every day that passed by, the director of the clinic was looking at me and telling me, “What can I say? We can’t find anything! You don’t have a fever. Your blood pressure is normal. You should stay a little longer, though, and if you’re well, you will be discharged on Thursday”. The whole room was full and people were coughing and he said, “It’s best that you get discharged and go home, since we can’t find any health problem. Later, you can have another checkup, if you want”. I told myself, “What checkup? God has made me strong!”. On Thursday afternoon, they did one last blood test. Then they told me that I can go home, they can’t find anything wrong. And as our sister was full of joy after the stroke, say, “She was full of joy after the stroke”. Because Jesus Christ was present! She wanted to give her testimony and told her husband to take some pictures of her in the hospital. Because she wanted to thank Jesus Christ on Sunday. Last Tuesday she had a stroke. Think about it. It’s Sunday and she’s giving her testimony, she’s healthy and healed! Let us see the pictures. We see her in the hospital in Naousa. Now she’s before us, she’s happy and healed and we all hear this wonderful testimony. Amen! Isn’t our Jesus Christ good? On Tuesday night, I told my family to go since I was able to get up. Because they asked me if I was able to do that. “I could fly!”, I said. I was alone at night and the tempter came to my thoughts. I heard this voice telling me, “Now you had a stroke. No matter how much you insist that it’s fine, you went through a stroke. You don’t know what will happen next. It isn’t funny”. But my joy was so great that I said, “Out of my mind! God healed me, He is Mighty and there is nothing wrong with me! Out of my mind now!” And that’s what happened! After that, nothing occurred like that again and I am so happy! I’m not walking on earth! I think I’m flying in Heaven since the day before yesterday! Amen! Positive faith brings positive results. Now we would like you to tell us, how has this situation, this difficult situation that came unexpectedly to you and you received such grace from God, a perfect restoration, how has it affected your relationship with God? My faith has grown a lot. I want to be in an attitude of prayer all the time. I study the Word of God because before, due to the situation I was in, I wasn’t studying. And this Word lifts me up all the time, to a new level. My faith has grown a lot. I mean, I see that everything is so beautiful with God and that is how I will remain. Amen. In order to see that our sister was indeed taken into the hospital and then discharged, she brought us a document. Here, we see her name, Naidou Eleftheria. 7th of February 2019. Transient ischemic attack. We truly see that our sister went through a great ordeal. Yet, everything that was against her, God turned it all for her own good. Amen? Now she’s here among us, happy and healthy. How do you feel? Show us your hands and legs. My arm and my leg and everything are perfect! If I had a broom, I could sweep the entire church right now! Now we would like you to give us a piece of advice, through all this situation that you experienced. What is your advice? Many times in life, we give our best to our job, our children, and nobody acknowledges anything. But when you give your best to God, He will give the best for you! That is what He did in my life! And what is your promise to God Almighty, who gave you such a huge blessing? I promise to give God my time, my love, patience, offering and follow Him until the end of my life. Amen. And we pray for God to give you His grace so you can keep your promise and we advise you to make the Word of God the standard for your life. And do not forget that, as a child of God, better is not good enough, the best is yet to come! Amen. Emmanuel! (God with us – Matthew 1:23) I thank God! The same day, Mrs. Naidou joined the prayer line where the anointing of God located her! The prophetic message that was given to her from the man of God Harry revealed the real cause of the stroke. Our prayer is simple. “Lord Jesus Christ, anything that is not of You in my life, come out, in the name of Jesus Christ” These are words of prayer. Continue to meditate on them in your heart. “Lord Jesus Christ, anything that is not of You in my life, come out, in the name of Jesus Christ.” Continue to meditate on these words of prayer. In the name of Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ! Out! Out! In the name of Jesus Christ. The devil wanted to kill her prematurely, before her time. But glory be to Jesus Christ for He didn’t allow it. She is free. Thank you, Lord! Thank you, my God. Thank you, Jesus! She gave her testimony today, didn’t she? Concerning the stroke she was saved from. Listen up. The devil has no authority over your life except through sin. Again, the devil has no authority over your life except through sin. This means that if there is sin, the devil has authority, power over you. He can cause you terrible problems. So terrible. He wanted to make her die before her time. To kill her prematurely. This didn’t come on its own. It didn’t come on its own, it is an attack. It’s an attack because someone wanted to harm you. Someone wanted to harm you and went to a person to cast a spell on you. Now you are free though. Amen, man of God. I’m just telling you where the problem starts. Amen. Listen to something important that many of us are not aware of. Many of us believe that since I’m a child of God and go to church every Sunday, how is it possible for the devil to have authority over me? What did I tell you before? The devil has no authority over you except through sin. Somebody may ask, “Who is without sin? Who does not sin at all? We are all sinners!”. Yes, we are all sinners but there is something you can do to always be impeccable. Not that you won’t make any mistakes. You will make mistakes like everyone does but every time you make a mistake, do not run away from God, run towards God! And say, “Lord, forgive me, I have sinned! Lord, forgive me, I have sinned!”. Once you do that, no matter what you have committed, your sin is erased, it doesn’t exist anymore. Then, the devil has no authority over you. Because you have reconciled with your Creator. One of the things our sister said is that lately she wasn’t praying, wasn’t reading, wasn’t investing in her relationship with God. Didn’t she say that? Once the devil found an open door, he said, “Since she’s not praying, she’s not reading, she’s not asking for forgiveness from God, let me make an attempt to kill her before her time so she doesn’t make up to God, doesn’t ask for prayer and reconcile with her Creator”. What saved you, sister, is that you were fast enough to call the man of God to pray. Amen. This is why the doctors couldn’t find anything from everything that happened to you. What did the medical tests state? That I have nothing. How did half of your brain, your tongue, your right arm and leg go numb and the doctors said there is nothing wrong? Whoever of you ever had a stroke or know someone who had a stroke, whenever you go to the doctor to get an x-ray, you can see it happened! You can tell if someone has had a stroke. You can see it in the C.T. scan. But in our sister’s case, they couldn’t see anything. Why? Because it wasn’t an ordinary stroke. It was a demonic attack. If our sister maintained her relationship with God every day and that person who wanted to kill her cast a spell on her, instead of her having a stroke, that person would have the stroke. Because it comes back like a boomerang. When you try to harm a true child of God and that child of God is always communicating with their Creator… And every time and every moment this child of God says, “Lord, forgive me, I am a sinner”, every weapon formed against him/her cannot prosper. It comes back like a boomerang to the person who is sending the weapon. Therefore, the fact that you come to church doesn’t save you. But maintaining a relationship with Jesus Christ is what will save you. Amen. Sister, you are free. God bless you. Thank you, man of God. Thank you very much. Thank you, my Jesus. Thank you. A week later, with evident joy painted on her face and filled with gratitude to God Almighty for giving her a second chance, Mrs. Eleftheria Naidou confirmed every word of the prophecy she received. Good morning, people of God! Emmanuel! My name is Eleftheria Naidou, I’m 54 years old and I come from Naousa. We see a man standing next to you. Please, tell us your name and where do you come from. I’m Kostas Hatzigeorgiou, this is my wife and I come from Naousa. I am here to confirm the prophecy I received from the man of God. Because from the day after, the Spirit of God made me think everything I was facing during the last four months. First, I have four children. Everything started when within a short amount of time, three of my four children, two of them engaged and one of them married, separated from their partners one after the other. First, my children who were engaged broke up and returned home. Then my oldest son broke up with his partner out of a sudden! He left his child and returned home as well. It was traumatic for me, I was extremely sad. I lost everything right under my feet. I couldn’t bear it. Three old children returning back home! They returned with not so good behavior. All three of them were sorrowful, depressed, under many problems. This affected me a lot because their behavior was erratic. My daughter fell into depression. My son did things that I couldn’t understand. Every day he came back home drunk. He did many things that were not right. They started to have fights and to fight me because I lost control of the situation too! Seeing all this, instead of praying to God, I fell into depression and sorrow. I was not in control. I couldn’t control this situation that was in front of me. It was impossible. There was no communication in our house. I lost communication with my children. This created problems in me. I would cry every day. I started to lose control. I started to have a lot of nerves. I had this fogginess in my mind. I would wake up from my sleep in the middle of the night, sit in bed, cry and be in a state of panic, I was holding my head and thought I was going insane. I was running out of breath. Twice, in this period of three and a half months, while I was sleeping at night, I got up to go to the bathroom and out of nowhere I got an intense headache, not just a headache but a very intense headache. Because of all the problems at home, my behavior was changing. I couldn’t pray. I didn’t want to come to church. I would cross miles to come to church all the way from Naousa in the past. I wasn’t in the mood to come, I didn’t want to speak to anyone. My behavior changed. I was fighting with my children at home all the time. I became a different person. And I was asking my husband, “What’s happening? What’s going on?”. As if constant quarreling wasn’t enough, every week our car broke down. Every week we had to have our car fixed and we couldn’t use it. Even at work, things were happening. I was going to work and it would take me just two hours, I don’t know what was going on there, I was facing floods, chores that tired my body a lot more that once I returned home, I was so exhausted and didn’t want anything. Nevertheless, worse situations that I couldn’t face at all were waiting for me there. You said that in your job, everything was upside-down. What is your profession? I have a cleaning business. And I have different works to do. Suddenly, as I was going to work, a tube broke and created a problem so I had to clean for five hours instead of two. I forgot to mention that every morning, I was getting up continuously tired, my whole body was hurting. I didn’t know how to go to work. I was taking two to three painkillers per day, so I can stand up and get through the day. And all of this was happening during this period of three to four months? Exactly. So, before there was a balance in your family and your job, and suddenly there was such a huge change? Exactly. Within those four months, I went through the worst time of my life. I received attack after attack. We just heard your wife describing to us all this hardship that began suddenly around four months ago. What do you have to say? Yes, indeed, it is true! The problems started in the middle of summer. We reached a point where I would come back from work and ask my wife what is happening. Because we were talking to the children but they weren’t listening. I was wondering why all this is happening. Meanwhile, my wife and I couldn’t communicate well. She was irritable, she was getting mad. And with our children, we were looking at each other as she was angry… We weren’t used to seeing her speaking to us this way. Generally, there was serious confusion in the house. My wife went through most part of the problem because I was gone at work for many hours. I would leave very early in the morning and come back late at night. We would talk some and all these problems that she mentioned, that some nights she would wake suddenly, from headache or sorrow, she would wake me up too to keep her company and we were praying. I couldn’t understand what was the cause of all this. The reason why all this was happening. The reason why things were going this way… We couldn’t understand where the problem was exactly! You couldn’t understand what was the root cause of your problem. Right? Yes, exactly. But you did everything in your power to face it. Yes, exactly. Did the solution come? Up until the last moment, no! Until the stroke came up, which we didn’t expect at all, it was so sudden! So sudden that we couldn’t understand how it came up! We might claim that it happened because of pressure or exhaustion, yet there was no sign, no problems, she had nothing in the past. Imagine what the devil was planning for our sister. Premature death, said the man of God. Imagine if our sister was not in the presence of God. The devil was planning the end of her life! Let us hear from our sister. As if all you went through wasn’t enough, the stroke came up. Tell us. Just like the man of God said, I was heading towards death. What I went through was no joke. When I received prayer from the man of God, ever since that moment everything changed. Even from the moment I was laid in bed, until the time they drove me to the hospital. That’s when it happened and the stroke stopped and every chain was broken! Even more so afterward, after I received the prophecy from the man of God. Every chain was broken from that moment and on. At that point, something first-seen happened, during that Sunday Service, that I received the prophecy. That is why I would like to call our dear brother. Please, come. He has come to share his experience from that day. During that particular service. Please, tell us your name and where do you come from. Emmanuel! (God with us – Matthew 1:23) My name is Haris Vologiannis, I am from Thessaloniki. My family and I have been coming to this church for two years now. The brethren here obviously know me. Once our sister was delivered by the man of God and sat on the chair during the prayer line. You mean when he touched her during the prayer line or before? When he touched her during the prayer line, she fell down and then she stood up to be exact. She stood up and took a seat on the chair before the man of God says anything, I saw a doll sitting next to her left side. Listen carefully to understand well what happened. Our sister took a seat again on the chair during the prayer line. Our brother was sitting there, watching the prayer line. Suddenly, he saw something next to our sister as she was sitting on the chair. Please, continue. I was here on the first row, right across sister Eleftheria. And right next to her, the shape of a doll was formed, which I could see clearly as if it was real with every detail. She had the following features: She had black, wavy and long hair and she was wearing a black skirt that was tight around the waist and wide at its length. She wasn’t wearing anything else, I could just see the black color of her skirt and hair. Her features were sister Eleftheria’s features. It was like I saw the sister as a doll. Exactly how you see a Barbie doll before you buy it. The only difference was that she didn’t have a happy expression. The doll had a cold, evil face, I would say. And her gaze was aggressive. That moment, I understood that this is an attack from the devil and that it must be a type of witchcraft. Once I realized it, I was very surprised and did not know how to react. After ten to fifteen seconds passed and I was observing the doll. I concluded that her features were the same as sister Eleftheria’s. The man of God started to explain that this is clearly an attack from the devil and said that it is a type of witchcraft that was done to her! He said it clearly! That is when I was surprised. How was it possible for the man of God to say all these things about sister Eleftheria with every detail while I was watching it? This didn’t come on its own. It didn’t come on its own, it is an attack. It is an attack because someone wanted to harm you. Someone wanted to harm you and cast a spell on you. But now you are free. Amen, man of God. I’m just telling you where the problem starts from. Amen. And as he was explaining… As he was mentioning every detail, I was looking at the doll and listening to the man of God saying every detail I was seeing that very moment. What did you understand through this experience? I understood that truly he has the grace of God. It was astonishing for me! It is one thing to hear a man saying what he sees about you, and another to see a vision which was exactly what the man of God was saying about sister Eleftheria. I concluded that indeed, God is Alive, He’s among us and the man of God truly prophesies for everyone joining the prayer line. Amen! This is proof for our brother and for us who are here today, that the man of God is a genuine servant of God who was sent by Him to us… Who was sent by God among us to set His people free from the chains of sin and lead us to the way of salvation. Amen? Not only that, but God does nothing without His Word. That is what we read in His Word. If you read the Old Testament, in 2 Kings 6:17, you will see the case of Prophet Elijah who prayed for his servant for his eyes of faith to be opened so he will see things that he couldn’t see, the invisible world! Amen? Tell your neighbor, “We need our eyes of faith to be opened!” Amen. We glorify and thank God. Let us hear from our sister. So, you eventually found out the root cause of the problem. Jesus Christ, through the man of God, delivered you from every curse, every witchcraft, every chain and gave you total freedom. Tell us now, what are the changes you see after the prophetic word? What can I say? I live in Heaven. From the same moment, the same night, I slept like a baby. I got up the next day and I felt like I could fly! I want to glorify Him and pray all day! My heart is opened. My children too… Where do I start? Every day, they come to ask me, “Mommy, how are you?”. Before they didn’t even want to see me! During that period of fighting, we had no connection. Now, they hug me, kiss me and say, “Do you want anything? We’ll do it. We will help you out. Don’t tire yourself out!”. This week, I’m telling you, I’ve been living in Heaven. When the Son of God sets you free, you are free indeed! And not only this! Our sister, as a representative of the family, received freedom for all of her family! So let us clap loudly for our Lord, Jesus Christ! Blessing, after blessing, after blessing! And all this thanks to the love of Jesus Christ! Amen? Please, continue. The next day, on Monday, I have something to say that happened to my daughter. My daughter didn’t have a job, she had her problems but God did something great for her! So you want to tell us that on Sunday, you received the prophetic word, your chains were broken and from the next day, on Monday, the breakthrough started immediately? Exactly! At 16:00 in the afternoon, it was so wonderful to me that is why I remember the time. My daughter and I were sitting at home and talking when received a phone call. My daughter used to work in Paxoi one and a half years ago, in something else, not in a hotel. She received a call at 16:00 from one lady that was grooming her at the hairdresser’s. This lady has rooms for rent, she had eleven bungalows. She called her and said, “I want you to come this year and manage my entire hotel! Manage the reservations! Manage finances! I don’t know what has gotten into me, I trust you a lot! Also, even though I have a woman who works there and knows how to speak three languages and has a degree in tourism, I don’t want her! Something inside me leads me to you! I want you to come!”. My daughter, of course, took the job and on Wednesday she leaves for Athens to take some seminars! Glory be to the name of the Lord because in His Word it says, “You and your household will be saved!”. Amen. How are you feeling now? How is your relationship with Jesus Christ? Because, before, your relationship was ceased. At this point, through this prophecy our sister received, we learned an educational lesson! For no reason, do not risk for your personal journey with Jesus Christ! Do not take a break in faith! Because in a break in faith, the devil will come to harm you! A break in faith is a break with God. Therefore, no matter what your situation is, if it doesn’t guarantee your future, do not despair, the end has not yet come. What is coming? The best is yet to come for the children of God! Glory be to the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ! We would like to hear from you a piece of advice through everything you passed. What is your advice? No matter what your situation is, always persist, wait on God because He is in control of the situation. In His time, God will deliver you just as He delivered me. What is your promise to the Living God who blessed you this much? To keep Him as my guide in life and to follow Him until the end of my life because He is the only One who is worthy! I want give a huge thanks to God for the man of God Harry, for sending him to our lives and our country! We should be thankful for it! I thank Him from the depths of my soul! Amen. We thank God and glorify Him with you. We would like to advise you to make the Word of God the foundation of your life, because when your heart is filled by the Word of God, you will think, talk and act according to the Word of God! And don’t forget that, as a child of God, better is not good enough, the best is yet to come! Amen!

19 thoughts on “Σταμάτησε Να Προσεύχεται Και ΔΕΙΤΕ ΤΙ ΤΗΣ ΣΥΝΕΒΗ!!!

  1. Δοξασμένο να ειναι το όνομα του Ιησου Χριστού ! Ειναι απίστευτα αυτά που βλέπουμε και ακούμε !!!! Ο ΘΕΟΣ δεν άφησε την αδελφή μας στα χέρια του σατανα , αλά με τη μεγάλη του έλεος και χάρη έσωσε απο τη βέβαια θάνατο !!!! Ευχαριστω Ιησου !!!

  2. Thank you Man of God, i have learnt from this clip,precious knowledge ….Thank you for teaching us as you deliver..Thank you Jesus.

  3. Wow i have learned a very big Lesson, no matter the situation do not break the faith. Always run to him when we sin.
    Meditate in our Heart day and night for we don’t know the hour the enemy will strike.
    My Prayer: Lord Jesus give me Grace enough to maintain my Relationship with you for the best man in the world can only keep unless you protect.
    I don’t ever want to be far away from you.
    May your Presence never depart away from me, cause in you Presence thats where i am Strong. I will continue pressing in until I see the light at the end of the Tunnel.
    There’s no going back. I Love You Jesus❤️

  4. Don't run from God run to God all circumstances of life are distractions to break our relationship with. Call unto him in the time of trouble. I rejoice with them. Emmanuel!

  5. Abba Father in heaven, thank you for your love to me. I am sorry that I am so weak. My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. Please forgive me of my sins. Please help me to see how ugly they are. Please help me to experience spiritual reality. The devils are lying to me so much. Please God, help your daughter who’s struggling so much against the evil ones who’s using my weaknesses and jeopardising my status in you. Help me Jesus, not to fall again and again. I am tired of failing you. I don’t want to take your grace and mercy for granted. I want to love you God. Help me. 😓😓😓 In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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